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A critical introduction

In times of corona pandemic and the panic hence associated, the problems of millions of cancer patients have unfortunately moved far into the background; that is understandable and was to be expected. As a fact that chemotherapy makes cancer patients extremely risky for Covid-19, such therapies without any adverse effects like iREM might be a real alternative.

But we can certainly learn our lessons from the current corona problem. The scientific community has by now accumulated detailed knowledge about the virus: They know all the gene segments, the corresponding proteins, the 3-D structures and functions, etc. And yet after months, science and research are still stunned by the enigma how this virus can be dealt with. However, the increasing number of Covid-19 convalescents proves that the human immune system has long solved this problem.
THAT is the difference between human immune system and human intelligence.
piTheraπ takes advantage of this knowledge.

Cancer healing: Free of side effects and inexpensive compared to standard therapies

Cancer is indeed curable – this not by destructive means alone (radio-, chemotherapy, which induce even more resistant mutations due to physiological stress and ultimately lead to the patient’s death; yet cancer cells can be tamed to normal cells as the examples presented here. Possibility of healing can then be carried out without jeopardizing the patients.

Google Analytics have shown me for years that renowned research institutes from all over the world keep an eye on my results. I would willingly like to share my knowledge with competent partners – but, unfortunately, there has been no reaction until now. Is it so difficult to acknowledge somebody else’s success? Do people hope to understand my approach on their own? In this case, I wish best luck, adding the tip that not only a single hit will lead to the goal, but that quite a number of other insights are required as well. For me – albeit a lone fighter – it took more than 35 years to explore the possibilities in all directions.
piTheraπ means a personal, immunological treatment tailored to the needs of each patient; that is, no medication is used, but the treatment / recovery is based solely on the healing power of the patient’s own immune system. This should not be confused with the “personalized therapy” that is used by academic circles frequently, in which on the basis of genetic analysis most suitable selection of substances is identified from the portfolio provided by the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, these two approaches are diametrically opposed to each other: personal (= immunologically based) therapy vs. personalized, but standardized (= industrialized) treatment.

Under no circumstances would I want to downgrade the achievements of modern medicine for humanity. Nevertheless, this form of medicine with all its high technologies and refinements involved cannot cover the entire spectrum of human diseases or their treatment. Since human beings are not a standard outcome of industrial production, but highly complex individuals, they have different needs. So how can the treatment of all somatic or mental illnesses be based solely on guidline conformity and standardization? How can you speak of therapeutic freedom as long as a doctor is urged not to treat his patients based on his knowledge and experience, but has to strictly follow standardized guidelines? In the event of violation, a doctor is faced with the allegation of having deliberately endangered the well-being of his patient!

piTheraπ can be seen as a prime example of this perception. Instead of providing support for this most interesting approach, my work has been criminalized by society and/or its institutions as if the – obviously positive – treatments were on the same level as an open violation of law.

Reality shows on TV spill out millions of dollars, and people around the world have no problem spending billions of dollars in the vanity of sports, music, or Instagram idols. At the same time it is naturally expected that medical researchers leave their creativity and productivity to a basically indifferent society for a warm handshake and applause. Is that ethically and morally correct?

I worked as a committed doctor for almost 35 years, and nobody could ever accuse me of questionable behavior. Now that I am retired, I feel free from all shackles and can frankly express my unadorned opinion. The interpretations and regulations by approved “ethical and moral” authorities, who dare to question my ethical responsibility, no longer affect me: Maybe I don’t behave in a way that complies with their rules in every respect, but in any case I have always acted responsibly and ethically and morally correct.
Indeed, piTheraπ could eliminate many ailments, especially cure serious illnesses like CANCER. But all the doors I knocked on remained locked, or I only received good advice:

– I can not believe that! (In other words: Prove me that you are not lying!)
– You should still do this and that, do, organize, invest, …!
– I wish you good luck in all your efforts to be heard and/or supported!

A project like iREM can only be realized through a joint political and social effort. For me as a free-lance researcher, it is not feasible in detail, as I’m no lawyer, publicist, manager, organizer, investor etc. If the Interest exists on the part of the society


My offer is valid but only on my terms.